Social Media Makes a Powerful Impact! Beware

Social Media is still making a powerful impact. These are just a few stories that you need to know about.

Ignore the threats of those who say they will employ the power of social media to damage your reputation. Dave Carroll of the Halifax-based band, Sons of Maxwell, has declared war on United Airlines. Traveling through Chicago, he and his band witnessed baggage handlers throw an expensive Taylor guitar. They alerted United employees, but were not given any help. After discovering damage to the guitar and being told by United that they would not be compensated for the damage, the band pledged to post three songs about the incident on YouTube. Two of the three videos have been posted, and both have gone viral with millions of views.

Print the wrong Twitter account on your restaurant chain’s menu. It seems Denny’s print design team struck out on the latest menu that featured the Twitter account of a Taiwanese man, Dennys Hsieh. Despite their failure, credit has to be given to the chain for embracing social media when many companies have still not learned how to integrate Twitter into their marketing and PR strategies.

Forget to register your company name on social networking sites before they are taken by a disgruntled customer.
-@EasyJetService is not the official Twitter account of the discount airline. It is the account of a disgruntled customer airing his grievances with the company. EasyJet was slow to embrace Social Media and has paid the price for it. Other negative accounts have also surfaced and recently an official account (@EasyJetCare) aimed at rescuing the airline’s damaged reputation.

And last but not least transparency is still not fully accepted in the world we live in so beware of pics that may get posted. I believe this is soon changing as digital natives grown into leadership positions within organizations but public figures should watch out and beware of the negative connotation of a pic that is posted that may put you in a bad light.

Post offensive images of yourself and others on your Facebook profile. A New England Patriots cheerleader was removed from the squad after photos surfaced of her standing over an unconscious party-goer who was bloody and had vulgar graffiti littering his face. Even while many think these profiles are personal, any proof of a bad decisions could influence a company’s willingness to put its public relations at risk.


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