Social Media – Your Window to the World

It truly is a global economy. Now you can start a business anywhere in the world and immediately become an international organization. When you are connecting with the world keep in mind that there are cultural differences that you need to be aware of  when doing business internationally. You can find great information in the Field Guide to Business Etiquette.

So why would a blog about Social Media discuss international business and etiquette to doing business in different cultures. Well you see it all has to do with the new way of doing business. On my own Linkedin I have connections from Asia, Europe, Australia, well you get the point.

So it is more important than ever to have dialogue with your connections, employees, prospects and customers. As well as your friends. Last night I gave a presentation on Onboarding for the Workplace Learning Society for TAG (Technology Association of Georgia).  The presentation consisted of the steps regarding Relational Onboarding. I will go into those next week. But the point was that in order to attract digital natives, Generation Y or WE or Millenials, as they are sometimes called, it is important to allow them to make connections within the organization.

This Generation is the largest percent of the workforce this year in 2010. Businesses must provide an atmosphere where Generation WE will be comfortable to connect with others in the organization and also to create a connection with top executives that are providing the direction for the organization. This Generation WE brings with them the digital knowledge and skills that are needed for organizations to be successful in this new Global Economy. They are used to having connections on an international level and also with Social Media have found a platform to dialogue with international colleagues, friends and acquaintances.

Social Media is more than FB, Twitter and Linkedin it is the new communication tool being used by the new workforce. Companies need to welcome this new generation with open arms and in return, this generation will create revenue, new partnerships and provide a ready-made ambassador to the world and Social Media and create immediate and lasting success for the organizations that take the time to “Do it Differently”

Les Adkins, CEO Social Media Solutions (SMS)


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