Social Media is it really here to stay?

So is Social Media Really here to stay? The new workforce will be the instrument to bring in the “Social Media Revolution”. The reason businesses are slow to adopt it fully is that they just came out of  the GFC (Global Financial Crisis).  So the workforce has somewhat stalled. With the new Gen Y, (Gen WE) moving into the workforce, they will demand certain tools and they want to be connected to the company in a way that has never existed previously.

This video was created and posted 2 days ago. It is an update of the previous “Social Media Revolution” Video.

Businesses are moving toward integrating Social Media into their marketing, internal communication, and branding. The day will come very soon where Social Media will be adapted into every aspect of a corporation. When that happens small to mid-size businesses will start integrating Social Media into their businesses more fully as well.

You have two choices. Join the Revolution or be left behind.

Have a Great weekend and we will see you next week.

Les Adkins, CEO – Orange SMS (Social Media Solutions)


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