I’m Back and Let’s talk Social Media Marketing? Really?

So I’m back and all I have been hearing about lately is Social Media Marketing.  So the question I have is, Really? Is this the only thing that Marketing companies can come up with to make Social Media relevant to them and you? Don’t get me wrong, there is a place for Social Media Marketing and every company should be doing it, but to listen to some of these blogs and so-called experts you would think that this is the only venue for companies to use Social Media. Now there are some excellent Social Media Marketing organizations out there but there are also some marketing companies calling what they do “Social Media Marketing” and it is really a traditional tool that is called eMarketing. These are those forever emails that you get in your inbox giving you information on a product or business that can make you rich over night or cure your headache or…. well you get the point. Now I better state early on that there might be a place for an eMarketing campaign in your overall marketing strategy but please don’t call it “Social Media Marketing”.

To define the difference between “eMarketing” and “Social Media Marketing” is very simple. eMarketing is a broadcast message sent to you usually via email or you click on a link and you get a text, plus maybe some graphics, in a document that goes down the page and lasts forever. In this document there is no way for you to comment or contact the company directly from this source only to move to action, like purchase their services. Social Media Marketing allows you to comment, have dialogue with the organization and above all share the information on FB, Twitter or other Social Media sites. It will also allow you to send a link through email, usually.

Now I need to stop for a minute and let you know that there are some great eMarketers out there, some of them are even friends of mine. There are also others who have made a great deal of money using eMarketing and they are selling you on their system that you can do the same thing. And for those lucky few, you can. All I am saying is call it what it is, eMarketing, not Social Media Marketing. Got it? Good. Really?

So my point is this, in this ever-changing world of technology and innovation companies are scrambling to get in on the latest buzz words and the latest one seems to be Social Media Marketing. All I am saying is be careful and understand the difference.

In the next few blogs I will be discussing your overall Social Media Strategy and how you can integrate Social Media into your onboarding, sales training, business development and yes branding.

There is a change a coming and I will describe to you the group that will push this change through to its next innovation. Gen Y brought you casual offices, the Millenials or Gen WE will bring you the “Next Big Thing”.

Les Adkins, CEO Orange SMS

Stay tuned for Launch of MySylbert


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