Social Media is dynamic as opposed to static

So what is the difference between a dynamic and static website? One allows for interaction and the other doesn’t. Is that simple enough for you? Some would say to simple but from my experience keeping things simple is getting harder and harder these days.

I was at lunch today with a COO  and VP  and we started discussing what makes a website dynamic or static. We were discussing the topic of social media and why so many companies are claiming to be doing something with social media in words only and not action. We did not come to an absolute but my answer was that a website can be determined to have social media functionality if it allows for real-time dialogue on the actual site. I am calling this dynamic. If it doesn’t, I am calling it static.

So this begs the question, if I add a Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn icon to my website can I say it is dynamic or contains social media functionality. The easy answer is NO. The reason is that the dynamic functionality remains with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn not the site that the icon is on. But kudos to these companies that are at least putting in the effort to attempt to begin the conversation somewhere, even if you have to leave their website to have it.

But we also discussed that there needs to be some sort of bridge for businesses to move from doing business today, to doing business tomorrow. If you have followed any of my blogs or FB page at all I discuss doing business tomorrow in detail. I believe that the companies who embrace the Social Media tools and allow for real-time conversation between their employees, customers and stakeholders are going to attract the new talent and attract the new consumer which will allow them to grow. Those who do not adapt to this new way of connecting and doing business will not draw new talent and not gain the business of the new consumer and thus will eventually die.

So in simple terms, dynamic is having the ability to have interaction on your website in real-time and static just gives you information without the ability to comment or converse with the company or another person on that website. This blog would be considered a dynamic site because you can comment on it and we could have a conversation in real-time theoretically. It has the functionality and capability of achieving this goal.

My firm belief is that the static website is dying off. It takes too much time, money and effort to draw someone to your website to not allow them to comment on your company’s service, product or just to say hi. To allow dialogue is the future, to deny dialogue is the past.

So I say let’s boldly, dynamically enter into the future today. Your competitors are doing it so why aren’t you?

Les Adkins, CEO Orange SMS

“Watch for Launch of MySylbert”


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