So ask yourself have you found your Community?

So does this look familiar? It is of course what you see when you come to the Social Media Solutions page. So why is it in this blog this week? Well let’s look at the last question “have you found your Community?” Social Media should be about “Adding Value to Your Life”

We want to ask for your help. We are creating an Online Business Community that is geared around “adding value to your life”, MySylbert.  Yes it has advertisements, but  more importantly it also will have content from different blogs, business magazines, specialty magazines, businesses and people like you sharing information that will help others in their daily lives. Whether that be business or personal. It is a place for you to connect to businesses, people and opportunity.

We truly want your help in creating this community so we have put up the basics for our soft launch and we want the people who read this page to tell us what you want and how you want to use MySylbert. Click on the logo and then please create a profile and then let’s start the conversation. This is an ongoing project that will continuously change as we create the community that you need and want.

People who are online gravitate toward the communities that they find interest in, and also that they can find the information they need and also where they feel connected. We are asking for your help in letting us know why you belong to the communities you belong to and what drew you there.

MySylbert will strive to be the bridge between the business community and the people; whether that be employees, prospects, customers or just people looking to network. It’s all about the conversation. People will do business with companies that do business the way they want to do business. You may have heard me say this before but it breaks down to businesses actually communicating with their employees, customers, prospects and shareholders. And even more important, listening to what their employees, customers, prospects and shareholders have to say and doing something about it.

It seems like there is a great divide these days. Those people who are on Facebook and those that are on LinkedIn. Both are very valuable and we are trying to find a way to bridge the two.

We are not asking that you leave your current communities we are just asking you to help us create a place where businesses and people can connect in a valuable way that adds value to the lives of both the people, and the people running and working in the businesses.

This is our beta so help us create a strong business community that gives you what you need. In order for this community to be successful we need your help. Thank you in advance for your help and remember we are waiting for you to continue building this community.

Les Adkins, CEO Orange SMS and founder of MySylbert


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