Is Social Media a Numbers Game?

Well I just got finished writing this email to a gentleman in one of the communities that I created and I am a member of. Here is the email verbatim.

xxxx, so let me ask you. Do you think that Social Media is about broadcasting emails in communities offering your services? Owning a social media company where we look at the whole organization, including marketing, don’t you think it is more about building the relationship and becoming a trust agent. What have you given me other than your website to let me know that I should trust you.

Tried not to do it the first time you sent this out but I had to this time. Social Media is about the conversation and building trust, not just a numbers game.

So here is my philosophy on Social Media Marketing:

I believe you can use Social Media to grow your business and increase the number of people in your network through building trust and adding value to their lives by informative blogs and posts, and joining their conversations. As someone in the 100 day focus group said ‘building relationships’.

So what happens when you go to a community and tout your wares? Well depending on the offer you may get 5 to 10 to 20 to accept your offer and possibly even buy your product if you send the message out to 100 people. But let’s say 5 accept your offer and you claim them now as prospects or customers. What about the other 95? You have alienated them, pissed them off and they are now on other communities warning people about you and your company. OK so 95 is a lot of people to alienate. Let’s say you alienated 1/2, around 47 and the other 47 don’t care one way or another. They just ignore you and move on.  Is this a smart business move?

So yes you may get some sales but wouldn’t you rather have a customer for life who trusts and believes in you because of the relationship you built on-line? And what about those other 47 if they see you again and someone asks, do you think they will refer people to your business? I’m not so sure. Actually I believe strongly that they won’t.

My personal belief is that I would rather have all 100, ok so let’s say 50, develop a relationship with me or at least feel like they benefited from the information I provided and then reach out to me to learn more. Or better yet ask their permission to show them an opportunity in a non threatening manner.  The other 50 will remember me in a good way if they see me again, and if I repeat the process of building relationships and adding value.

So in my method you gain 100 new prospects who will refer you to their friends or worst case scenario you gain 5,10 or 20 new customers and  95, based on only getting 5 customers, connections who will not speak poorly of you or your business and you have the option to gain their business one day, or have them refer you and your business to a friend.

So although businesses I have worked with have seen the results above, I am putting this to the test. We have started a 100 day project with a group of 6 people to see if someone who is new to Social Media can gain a solid network and revenue from becoming a trust agent and adding value. This is the starting point, building trust. Yes they will be asking people to look at a specific opportunity at some point, but only after they have added value to the community and more importantly the lives of those in the community by sharing free information that will help them.

After the 100 day project I will be sharing the results on this blog and in a book. See, you can talk a little about your company without alienating others.

Have a Happy Fourth of July America! May we begin connecting and finally working as a team to better this Free Country we live in.

Les Adkins, CEO Orange SMS

MySylbert, an online business community coming soon.


One thought on “Is Social Media a Numbers Game?

  1. Les, great article! I think you need to become the expert teaching and coaching people how to maximize the efforts of social media. Your philosophies are priceless.


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