So How do you use Social Media to Get a Job or Career?

So I do not talk much about this as there seem to be a number of “Experts” out there helping those looking for a job to use Social Media. LinkedIn has become known to some as the “Can you Give Me a Job” Community. It does seem to lend itself to this type of communication and it is a great place to build yourself up as an expert in your field. So what do you do and how do you go about finding a job or career using Social Media?

Well my main business is helping companies to understand social media and how to use social media to get more business, onboard new employees and keep communicating with their current customers. But lately I have seen a lot of advice on how to use social media to get a job. I think that there are a lot of good people out there helping out the Gen Y crowd and others. People like Chris Perry founder of Career Rocketeer. Also you can usually find some good advice by going to the communities that are directly related to your industry like Sales, Media, Manufacturing and so much more. Just do a  Google search for your industry  or search the Groups in LinkedIn, where you can find some legitimate job openings.

But there is also a lot of bad advice out there. So I thought I would help you out by giving you some flags to watch out for.

Beware of:

  • Those claiming to be experts and offering you results for a fee.
  • Sites that promise you a job by subscribing to their service
  • Those folks out there offering you millions by just selling their products
  • Companies or individuals promising to write you a resume that will guarantee you a job.
  • Online jobs that promise quick cash by just buying their service

And from the FTC:

Before you spend money responding to placement firms or completing placement contracts:

  • Reject any company that promises to get you a job.
  • Be skeptical of any employment-service firm that charges first, even if it guarantees refunds.
  • Get a copy of the firm’s contract and read it carefully before you pay any money. Understand the terms and conditions of the firm’s refund policy. Make sure you understand what services the firm will provide and what you’ll be responsible for doing. If oral promises are made, but don’t appear in the contract, think twice about doing business with the firm.
  • Take your time reading the contract. Don’t be caught up in a rush to pay for services. Stay away from high-pressure sales pitches that require you to pay now or risk losing out on an opportunity.
  • Be cautious about purchasing services or products from a firm that’s reluctant to answer your questions.
  • Be aware that some listing services and “consultants” write their ads to sound like they are jobs when they’re selling general information about getting a job.
  • Follow up with the offices of any company or organization mentioned in an ad or an interview by an employment service to find out if the company is really hiring.
  • Be wary of firms promoting “previously undisclosed” federal government jobs. All federal positions are announced to the public on
  • Check with your local consumer protection agency, state Attorney General’s Office, and the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed about a company with which you intend to do business. You also may contact these organizations if you have a problem with an employment-service firm.

In these economic times there are a lot of people and companies that are offering to help you find a job. But with the internet and social media you need to take your job and career search in your own hands and do the following.

  • Make yourself an expert by sharing your knowledge online in the communities of interest to you where someone might see you and offer you a job or an opportunity.
  • Join in the conversations that are taking place in the communities that are discussing the types of things you would like to do in your job. There are several groups for sales, new media, developers, graphic artists, marketers and so much more on LinkedIn, Facebook and other communities out there.
  • Create a profile that is action oriented and does not sound desperate.
  • Let others know you are looking for a job but make sure you offer help to them by providing added value in regards to their career, life or fun. You can do this by talking about the latest vacation you went on or the information you discovered that help companies create a more Green atmosphere, or the latest trend you read about that relates to that persons industry.
  • Getting involved in Networking Communities both online and in person.
  • Building up your own profile on many different communities.
  • Check out the “Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job”

The world is changing and it probably will never be like it was where you could send out a bunch of resumes and sometimes get the perfect job. You have to build your brand and make a name  for yourself so others want you to work for them.

Good luck and Good Hunting.

Founder and CEO of Orange SMS


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