First Step – To Create a Social Media Strategy

So what do you think the first step is to creating a Social Media Strategy? Probably not what you are thinking.    It is not deciding on whether you should choose Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other current Social Media outlet as you might of thought or heard. It is not figuring out the right way to make money on the above sites and it is not listening to “experts” on how to make money using Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

The noise about social media is getting louder and it is starting to be hard to understand who to listen to and what to do. On average you probably received at least one email or message a day stating “How to Use Social Media” and it is followed by an expert describing the best ways to use FB (Facebook), Twitter or LinkedIn or how to create your own Social Network on Ning or several other sites that allow you to create a “Social Media Site” for a small cost or free. But that is not where you start when you begin creating your social media strategy.

The first step to creating a Social Media Strategy is to decide on your audience. Ask yourself the question “Who is your audience?” and spend some time with this question. Are you trying to reach the consumer, businesses, both, a specific industry, or to fulfill a need that is out there in society? I can’t tell you who your audience is, but it is a question that as a business, organization, or individual you need to decide for yourself.

Unfortunately most of the people I see using Social Media are trying to figure out how to gain a following or grow your audience.  But if you don’t know who your audience is then how do you know what to say? People and businesses and everything in between gravitate toward a person or company that they see online which meets their needs or wants. It is something that they are interested in and that they want to spend time finding out about. Once they find them it is all about trust. So if you haven’t built the trust of your audience or the community and you are just trying to sell, then you are finding it difficult to see an ROI from Social Media.

That is why it is so important to get this First Step right. Discovering who your Audience actually is. “Who is Your Audience?” is a question that every company, writer or individual should ask themselves before they ever put one thing on any social media site. Some companies seem to have forgotten about the audience and that is why they are having difficulties in getting new business. (That is definitely a topic for another Blog).

But for this blog keep in mind that determining “who your audience is” before beginning any type of Social Media Strategy is a must. We will get to the technology but there are a few things that come before that and the first thing is:


Les Adkins

CEO and Founder of Orange SMS


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