Build Trust to Sell Stuff

So this week we are talking about Building Trust and how to go about it. One of the most important things to remember when building trust for companies and organizations is to be sincere. That means don’t be fake! In today’s new market you have to build true relationships with the members of the community you participate in before you can sell to them.

There is song by Train “If it’s love” that has the line:

I’m not in it to win it, I’m in it for you.

This is a great line when it comes to building trust and selling in this new environment. I can hear the “A” personalities in Sales screaming and saying crazy phrases like,

Sale, Sale, Sale and Always Be Closing

I have over 25 years of sale’s experience and yes started selling in the 80’s where you learned how to make the sell, and use all the tricks to do it, but as I have said over and over it is a new market and a new economy. Don’t get me wrong I am not against selling, as a matter of fact I am all about selling.  But in today’s Social Media and Sale’s environment. The relationship comes first. You have to be about the other person. You have to truly care about their needs and understand how they think. You have to be “in it for the customer”.

Scott Goodknight “The Breakthru Guy” talks about helping others get what they want and you will get what you want. In social media it is about building the relationship first and then building trust and then and only then can you recommend a service or product.

From the Blog “TheValue of Trust In the Attention Economy: Influence is the New ROI” Robin Good  talks about attention economy he states:

Today, the relationship must come before the sale, not the other way around. By creating and nurturing your community and by making customers your good friends it is possible to develop new relationships and loyal supporters which can be an invaluable asset for any company in the market today.

Once you have a community of passionate fans and followers, it becomes easier to share your commercial recommendations and advice in ways that are more spontaneous, natural and credible.

I want to take it just a little bit further. You don’t have to have your own community you can join another community where your audience is and start building trust by adding value that enhances their lives.  To do this you must have a relationship and know what they are interested in.
  • If you are a web developer discuss the top 5 things to look for in a good web developer.
  • If you are an attorney blog about how to find a reputable attorney or what to wear to court.
  • If you are a roofer describe horror stories about independent roofing companies and what to be aware of to not get conned.
  • If you help companies with Social Media, blog about how to use Social Media to build trust. (Forgive the self plug)
You get the idea?  I’ll leave you with this quote about relationships from George Benckenstein:
Leveraging your relationships is a great way to increase awareness of your product, service or brand – but you actually have to become a respected and trusted member of your community and nurture your own network before you can tap into it’s potential.
  • You can’t fake a relationship
  • Relationships come before sales
  • Business is not the first order of business
  • Your personal brand comes first
Hope you are starting to see the difference between present and past. One last thing. The methods of the past are still working today and making people money. Do more than make money build a community of relationships that trust you and you can build an empire in the future.
Les Adkins, CEO Orange SMS – Social Media Solutions
Speaker and Entrepreneur

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