Tools to help you Stay Connected using Social Media

So some times we talk about how to….This time we are just going to give you a list of tools and links that you can use to stay connected to your audience, prospects and clients.


These first few links you have to be on LinkedIn and then sign up for the groups that provide this information.

First Group – Social Media Marketing (You have to be signed into LinkedIn to open the links below)

Go to the discussion:Can Anyone Recommend a good Social Media Monitoring Tool

Go to the promotion ” Comprehensive list of Social Media Links – tips, tools, apps and guides. What would you add?”

For those of you who are not on LinkedIn. (NOTE: If your audience is there or if you are trying to make professional connections you need to be.)

But anyway:

10 of the Best Social Media Tools for Entrepreneurs by Barb Dybwab

Social Media Tools for Small Business by Kate Trgovac

Top 100 Social Media Tools by Steve Dale

So that should be enough to keep you busy for a while.

Last Minute Tips:

  • Don’t try to use all the tools at once. You will go crazy.
  • Make sure you have a strategy before you start using any tools.
  • Remember that tools are a means to an end. It takes a hammer and nail to build a HOME
  • Find the right tools for your strategy
  • Find the right consultant to help you use these tools if you feel overwhelmed.

Tools are great but they need to be used in an overall Social Media Strategy: Remember POST:

P eople = who is your audience

O bjective = what do you want them to do?

S trategy = what will be different when you are done? what will success look like to you?

T echnology =which is best for you and where should you implement your strategy?

For this blog we will also make the “T” stand for Tools

Have fun with your new-found toys.

Les Adkins, CEO Orange SMS (Social Media Solutions)



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