2011 The Secret of a Social Media Strategy!

So you have been bombarded with articles and offers on how to get your Social Media Strategy up and running in the new year. I even got an offer on LinkedIn the other day offering to give me a Social Media Marketing Campaign for $1.00. A “Social Media Kickstart Plan”. Everyone is looking for ways to market Social Media and companies are trying to still figure out how to make Social Media work for their organization.
I have also seen several articles lately on how Social Media is no longer a hobby for corporations, it has to become part of their culture.
When I started talking to people about Social Media there weren’t many people out there who understood this new way of doing business and how to make it work. Even some of my clients failed to do the right things to make Social Media work for their business. (I’ll accept some of the blame, but people wanted marketing campaigns not social media campaigns and yes there is a difference)
So how do you decide who to listen to. Especially now in 2011 when it seems that everyone is talking about  and discussing Social Media. How to make it work for you and your business. How to make money using Social Media, How to…. the list goes on and on.
Well back from my recent training trip to Australia where I traveled the country side training people on Whole Brain Thinking and New Business Development as well as discussing Social Media I came to a realization. The issue is behavior. How do you incorporate something into your culture that has never existed before? The things you are doing now are working minimally so why do you need to radically change what you are doing to incorporate Social Media?
The secret is the 30 and above group and the 30 and under group. If you haven’t heard this term you will. We will discuss in great detail over the next few weeks but for now let me tell you the basis of the secret.
The 30 and above are still using traditional methods successfully and they are trying to incorporate the new Social Media tools and connectivity into their traditional ways of doing business. The 30 and under, for the most part, are utilizing Social Media in their everyday lives. From connecting with friends, to finding jobs, to doing business. They (and again I am generalizing, but it seems to follow what I have experienced and witnessed both here and in Australia) use Social Media in every aspect of their lives and they are figuring out ways to make it work for them.
If you can go back and remember how it was when you first were learning to drive; you needed to remember everything from turning on the car to pulling into traffic to getting comfortable parallel parking. Now you get in a car and everything is natural. Until you have to go to another country and drive on the wrong side of the road to what you are used to.
This is what I discovered in Australia and realized that Social Media is the same way. For those over 30 it is like driving on the wrong side of the road. For those under 30 they don’t know any different.
So what does this all mean?
In the Social Media world there are companies that are using Social Media in a very traditional marketing way and companies that are using Social Media in  a very “Social Media” way – building trust, connecting with customers and employees,  and offering advice without the explicit act of selling their service.
What is missing?
A company that can help organizations transition from the original way of doing business to the new way of doing business that is more than what is currently defined by “Social Media”.
Orange SMS is launching a new program that will help corporations transition from the traditional way of doing business to the new way of doing business. It has more to do with “Whole Brain Thinking” “New Business Development” and “Building Trust with Social Media”.  Parts of this program have already seen success with an international client and we are looking for more clients to pilot this brand new program that will finally connect the over 30 and under 30 crowd into a successful organization, sales team, and business.
In the coming weeks we will discuss this new program in more detail and our staff will be out discussing it with businesses and individuals. This new programs launch title is 1/11/11/11. It will help you take your organization to the next level by starting with one concept and then duplicating it through your entire organization.
We look forward to being your transition partner and truly helping you succeed in business in 2011.
Les Adkins CEO of Orange SMS

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