How To Get People To Trust You!

This seems to be the biggest mystery of the universe. Oh don’t get me wrong, there are people out there that can give you a zillion ways; techniques and tricks to do this but how do you manage to gain trust in today’s society? If you google “How to get trust” you will get over 430 million results. Thought this was  pretty good from Forbes “In Pictures: Nine Ways To Get Someone To Trust You” There are books, video series, CD’s, MP3’s on “How to Build Trust” so you can find these things if you’re looking.

But most of us know this already; right? Maybe not. So how do you build Trust in a World that seems untrustworthy? I heard something at a network meeting today that made me write on this subject. They said that people buy from those they like and trust. I would agree but I would say that now in order for someone to buy from you they need to trust you, have a relationship with you and then like you. Semantics right, wrong.

The world used to be built on tell me you have the greatest product or service and the best price and I as a consumer or business would buy. But now a days through technology I can find your dirty laundry if you’re lying.

Today it is all about transparency and being genuine and engaging that person face to face or online to build trust. No matter how high gas prices go up, or how bad the economy gets if the person you are trying to influence does not trust you they won’t buy from you.

I have several people who I like but don’t trust. Don’t you?

Les Adkins CEO Orange SMS


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