Best Time to Post on Social Media

So when is the best time to Post your thoughts and information on Social Media Sites?

I am going to provide you some General Information as well as some resources to help you with this. First off some general guidelines from the blog.

General Guidelines:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are your best days
  • Saturday is the worst day (so why not go out and spend the day with friends and family)
  • Holidays are slow traffic days (except commerce sites)
  • 10 am – 11:30 am and 1 – 3:30pm are best times to post
  • Stagger posts based on time zones

Vitrue did a recent study that shows Social Media may follow similar patterns to the rest of the traditional Web.

  • The three biggest usage spikes tend to occur on weekdays @ 11 a.m., 3:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Eastern Time US
  • The biggest spike occurs at 3:00 p.m. ET on weekdays.
  • Weekday usage is pretty steady, however Wednesday at 3:00 pm ET is consistently the busiest period.

When To Tweet?

The best single time of the day to tweet would be 9:00 am PST (Pacific Standard Time) according to The Social Media Guide. 

The reason is you are hitting three major break times.

  • People arriving at work on the West Coast of America and Canada, i.e. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Vancouver and others.
  • It coincides with lunchtime (12pm EST) on the East Coast of America
  • It coincides with the end of the business day in London (5:00pm GMT)

To get Retweeted according to Fast Company the best time is 4pm EST (Eastern Standard Time) on Friday.

So these are a few ideas for you to think about. Next time we will talk about LinkedIn.

NOTE: If you have a great post that you can’t wait to write use a tool like Hootsuite to schedule the post to go out during one of the key times described above.

*This is still a work in progress so you can also use your own testing by sending posts and tweets out and tracking them yourself  to see what works best for your audience.

Les Adkins CEO

Orange SMS Consulting


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