The Medium is the Message

So from the same Blog “The Daily Dose” by Mikal E. Belicove comes the next Lie of Social Media Marketing.

“Just because it’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace or some other newfangled online or mobile-powered platform, the message still carries more weight than the medium. It’s always been about the message. It’s not about the platform or the technology. The technology is just a tool, and just because younger people were the first to use Twitter and Facebook, don’t think for a moment that older employees can’t effectively use them just as well.”

IT’S NOT ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY!!!! Ok sorry to yell, but just wanted to make this point loud and clear.  As we discussed whether or not Size Matters yesterday we discovered that quality of followers and likes weigh out over size.  You want to convert these followers to become loyal to your brand or buy something but first you need to add value. The message is where you add value and begin the process of building trust. The message  is more important than the medium especially in Social Media.

The hard thing that is being felt by businesses and organizations is allowing others to comment on the message. This means they must take the good with the bad. The  adage is that one dissatisfied customer would lead to the loss of 100 customers and you would never know. Now you can satisfy a customer before the loss by responding directly to their comment. This does not mean you have to accept what they say but now you can have a dialogue and sometimes people just want to know that they are being heard.

I speak with companies about creating a message with “Whole Brain Advantage” this is a scientifically researched methodology created in the 60’s by Ned Herrmann to determine thinking preference. It remains relevant even more so today.  I could write pages on this topic alone but for this subject  it is a way to  help you create a message based on your entire audience’s thinking preferences. How cool would that be for you if you could reach and affect your whole audience? How would that help your bottom line?

All that to say that the message is much more important than the medium. So whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your website, or any number of platforms,  what you say is more important than what technology you use or how it looks. And don’t forget that your audience must be able to respond to your message.

CEO, Orange SMS Consulting


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