Social Media is ‘new’ media.

OK so this one I have to tell you I somewhat disagree with and I’ll explain why in a minute.  But in keeping with the spirit of transparency “The Daily Dose” by Mikal E. Belicove stated the #4 Lie of Social Media Marketing is:

“Social Media is ‘new’ media. No, it isn’t. Media is media. At one point or another, newspapers, radio, television and the Internet were considered new forms of media and now their labeled ‘traditional’ media. So ‘new’ media doesn’t mean that only ‘experts’ or young hotshots can successfully operate your social-media team. That’s hogwash. Nothing replaces knowledge of the basics of marketing, combined with the knowledge of your business-related goals and the need for authenticity and transparency in your socially laden communications.” Belicove

OK so that is what Mikal Belicove has to say. I agree with parts and others I adamantly disagree with. First what I agree with.

I do agree that someone with “…knowledge of your business-related goals…” should run your social media efforts. This can be an Executive who knows how to manage those “young hotshots” Mikal is talking about.

I also agree about needing someone who understands”…the need for authenticity and transparency…”

Now for the things that I disagree with.

First let me tell you my background. I have worked in Television as a director and as an advertising sales executive. My undergrad is in Broadcast Production. I have also run multi-million dollar ad campaigns for organizations and last but not least have been in radio as an ad sales exec. Why do you need to know this? Because of what I’m getting ready to say next.

I believe that Social Media is different from other media. Why because of how it works. “…newspapers, radio, television and the Internet…” is a broadcast media that talks at their customers. Social media is a media that is only truly successful with dialogue. It’s about the conversation! Having one!

Also you can do a short marketing campaign in newspaper, radio, television and the Internet, but in social media, once you begin using it you need to continue using it to communicate to your vendors, prospects, customers and employees. And let them communicate with you. If you disappear from social media you lose trust and credibility.

Here is the hard one for most businesses; you need to build trust in the community by adding value to your community for “Free”. Internet marketers know the value of this and it is even more pure in social media as you need to give this value without expecting the community to buy from you. OUCH! Every marketing person is tearing their eyes out right now and trying to figure out how to find me.

Bottom line is that Social Media is a different media than has ever existed before and the rules are different from other media marketing. So no matter what you call it you need to know your business and build an overall strategy using social with other forms of marketing efforts. If you don’t believe me look at Coca Cola and how much they don’t spend on traditional marketing and how much they have invested in social media marketing. Also look at the differences between those two campaigns.

Sorry Mikal it is different and it is not the same as ‘traditional media’ and never will be! Les Adkins, CEO Orange SMS


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