Social Media Can Be Effectively Outsourced to a PR firm.

So Happy Friday! We come to our last lie of the week regarding Social Media Marketing. “Social media can be effectively outsourced to a PR firm.” Now this one is a little tricky. I do believe that you can have the implementation outsourced but you need to keep the strategy and development internal. Here is what Mikal E. Belicove “The Daily Dose” has to say.

“Nobody knows your business like the people who work inside your building. You can certainly work with an agency to set up and implement your social media-related efforts or to propose ideas for contests and the like. But when it comes to communicating your messages on a daily basis, your people are in the best position to keep your community of customers and prospects up to date and informed about what really matters to them.” Belicove

At Orange SMS we work like this. We put a consultant in your organization and either work with your current team or build a social media team around that person. The goal is to keep the social media efforts internal. Meaning the posts and the information comes from within the organization. Our goal is to work ourselves out of a job, so to speak. To build a strong strategic oriented team within the organization so they don’t need the consultant any longer.

Now don’t get me wrong we are happy to stay as long as they want us to and to consult when needed but the goal is to have all social media come from within.

What we are finding is there are a lot of organizations doing social media but without any real strategy and that is where the help is needed. So whether you work with us or some other consultant just make sure that the messages, the definition of the audience, the objectives and the strategy are being worked on by a team from within the organization as well.

I tell clients to make sure that any post not written or created by the organization has a caveat of “on behalf of….” in order to keep the transparency rule alive.

So bottom line  I will once again quote Mikal Belicove “In my view there is no ‘one way’ to manage your online positioning using social media. Instead, each company’s marketing strategy should differ depending on specific goals and target audiences.” I agree 100%!

Review of the week (Boy this is too long!)

“Five Lies About Social Media Marketing”

1. Size Matters

2. The medium is the message.

3. Social media gurus really do exist.

4. Social media is ‘new’ media. (remember I had a problem with this one)

5. Social media can be effectively outsourced to a PR firm.

Have a great weekend!

CEO Orange SMS Consulting


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