Day 28: Specifically What Are You Trying To Do

So I woke up on Day 28 with this question in my head, “What am I trying to do, specifically?”

I started this 30 day journey on October 1, 2011 and I am now on day 28. I’ve talked about and implemented Organization, Goals, Making more contacts per day, Follow up, Motivation, Failure, Success, How to Not Worry, How to Push on, Developing a 30 second commercial, Review, Review, Review.

So why today did I have the question in my head “What am I trying to do”? My business is improving, my life is getting better and more fulfilled. But I realized that even though I have my goals and Life is Moving Outside the Comfort Zone for me, what, actually am I trying to do?

Then all of a sudden this video came across my computer. It’s a little long but worth watching.

So did you hear him?

Disney, CNN, MTV, Hyatt, Burger King, FedEx, Microsoft, Apple, Texas Instruments, 20th Century Fox, Gillette, AT&T, IBM, Merck, Hershey’s, Eli Lilly, Coors, Bristol-Myers, Sun, Amgen, Autodesk, Adobe, BMC, EA (Electronic Arts), Fortune Magazine, GE and HP (Hewlett Packard)

Perspective – Crisis Can Be Good

With some of my colleagues and the people I have networked with over the last three years there seems to be two things that are happening.

One: though they started a business, they are now going back to work for someone else or are focused on looking for a “job”.

Two: They are struggling or they have gone the other way and are wildly successful but either way they are pushing on.

There is a Third Party; they are the one’s blaming the economy for why they are not doing well in either looking for work or with their business.

So where are you? I am not judging anyone here, you might have had to go back to work because you just can’t seem to get ahead or you are lucky enough to have the support and finances to continue moving forward with your business. Either way you have answered the question of “What Are You Trying to Do?”.

So that’s the key, you need to decide on what it is you are trying to do. As the list above shows success comes from crisis. To get to success you have to fail a lot in order to reinvent yourself. So keep reinventing yourself.



Les Adkins is the CEO of  Orange SMS Consulting and an International Social Media Strategist, speaker, consultant and author. Bringing strategy and whole brain thinking to creative campaigns and social media through his work. Please follow @mysylbert and connect on LinkedIn

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