Regrets, Review, Resolutions

So a little late is better than never and if you are following this blog you are realizing how erratic the posts are. Well I’m about to change that. My goal for 2013, or the rest of 2013 is to write a blog a week. Shouldn’t be too hard and since I tell my clients to do this and more I better start practicing what I preach. The last blog I posted was on October 29, 2012. Now here are a few of the things that happened, but I need to remember that I wrote a blog before then that declared:No More Excuses

Well first let’s begin with the Regrets (If you don’t have any you are not human!) Only in movies are you allowed to say you have no regrets. But remember some of the regrets got you to where you are today so believe it or not, regrets can sometimes have a positive effect although they may be negative at the time.

Regrets –

The first thing that happened is we lost our baby girl Abby who was a Papipoo and 6 years old in a tragic accident on November 16, 2012. We will miss you Baby girl: Abby

 14680_4651472177729_252016638_n(1)Then when I got back from Istanbul, Turkey I got a call to let me know that Jim Marten, my best friend since college, was missing. At the writing of this blog he is still missing and has been now for over 2 months since 12-16-12. We talked almost every week and I had just spoken to him right before I left the country. Jim was having some challenges but I never thought he would just disappear, but he has and I grieve for him and his family every day.

The last thing that happened was I went into the hospital between Christmas and New Years with mild chest pains. Found out my heart was good but I had to have emergency gallbladder surgery. The surgeon said it was the sickest gallbladder he had ever seen. By the way it was gangrenous and I found out you can die from that. But I’m great now and doing fine.

Review of 2012 –


  • All of the above
  • Expanded presence and staff within the US by partnering with Resonate Marketing
  • Went on a Business Trip as a guest of the Georgia Department of Economic Development for CeBit Eurarsia 2012 to Istanbul, Turkey
  • Gained several new clients
  • Developed Whole Brain Messaging methodology
  • Began working with a start-up to develop the Next Big Thing (stay tuned for more information)
  • Developed great relationships with top business executives in Atlanta and Internationally
  • Several Speaking Engagements – just a couple highlights (Peak Campus sales meeting in Las Vegas at Hard Rock Casino , Fused2012 in Orlando, Florida with SalesFusion  customers and resellers) and many educational and training events throughout the year.Brazil Flag
  • Training Engagements in Sao Paulo, Brazil, NYC, Dallas, Washington, DC, Research Triangle Park in North Carolina and a ton of other places.

Resolutions or Goals for 2013

This year I just have 3 very vital Goals for my business. I won’t go into all the personal ones I have but I will start out with how I am going to act in 2013:

Why Complicate LifeBy uncomplicating my life. The other Business Goals I have are very simple as well:

  • Expand Orange SMS Consulting in the US by training staff and bringing on more clients. 
  • Finish my Book that talks to Executives on How to Leverage Social Media for their businesses (no there is not one out there yet but there will be.)
  • Expand Orange SMS Consulting to have an actual presence in Istanbul, Turkey.

That’s it! My Regrets, Review and Resolutions or rather Goals. What Are Yours?

You have had enough time to think of them as it is not too late in the year and the excitement of the beginning of the year has passed.

Above all may 2013 be your Best Year Ever!

Profile PicLes Adkins is the  CEO of  Orange SMS Consulting and an International Social Business Strategist, speaker, consultant and author. Bringing strategy and whole brain thinking to creative campaigns and social media through his work. Please follow @mysylbert and connect on LinkedIn Join us on FB and Google+ as well.


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