Living Up to Your Potential

So what books have you read lately on helping you to live up to your potential?” 4 hour work week”  by Timothy Ferriss “sleeping your way to the top” by Ben Angel those are just two of the books I am currently reading. What does this have to do with Social Media you ask. Well if you think about it everything. The main thing everyone seems to say is they don’t have time to do Social Media with all the other things that they have on their agenda for the day. Getting new customers, keeping customers, working with employees, marketing, and so on, and so on…. One of the things these two books talk about is creating your own goals and living a life that is productive yet simplistic.  I am still reading but thought that I would try to put into words what I believe this means to Social Media. YOU ARE MAKING IT TOO DIFFICULT! There are people, consultants and agencies out there that will help you, but most important, Social Media needs to be put on your agenda as something you need to do internally and strategically. More than just a FB page or followers. In 2011 I spoke about how to pick a  Strong Social Media Consultant or Agency more recently I put this link as one of my daily Twitter #socialmediatip /s. Yes it is two years old but still very relative.  So I am going to try to help you live up to your potential using a few of the methods in these books specifically in regards to Social Media. (I have not been paid by either author or organization for using these two books) So put your thinking caps on and get ready for action. As they say in the movies, Ready, Quiet on the Set, ACTION!

In 2011 I created a 30 day blog series that was meant to help myself and others improve their lives and reach their personal or business goals. In conjunction to the above new series  I will be posting this series again. For myself to refresh my memory and also for those of you who need a gentle or BIG kick in the butt. It’s time to pick it up and move to the next level both in your personal life and in pursuit of your business goals and dreams.

Happy May Day!

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Les Adkins is the CEO of Orange SMS Consulting and an International Social Business Strategist, speaker, consultant and author. Bringing strategy and whole brain thinking to creative campaigns and social media through his work. Please follow @mysylbert and connect on LinkedIn Join us on FB and Google+ as well.


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