Day 3: Make 10 to 20 New Contacts Per Day- revisited 2013

So today I’m writing about Day 3 in this 30 day journey revisited. As I go through this journey for a second time I do see where I could have done better on following my own advice. There is some value in revisiting a plan and making adjustments or committing to follow through. And this time I am committing myself and my business to follow through. The original post was written on 10/5/2011. You’ll notice the shout out to Steve Jobs family.  I find through my consulting business and personal life that if we look at what doesn’t seem to work it is usually because we are leaving a step out or trying to find a short cut due to our perceived lack of time. Thank you again for joining this journey with me. May we both find success in 2013. Oh and here are my 2013 goals that I promised from my last Day 2 blog “Goals”

Les Adkins Business and Personal Goals for 2013

Les AdkinsLes Adkins is the CEO of Orange SMS Consulting and an International Social Business Strategist, speaker, consultant and author. Bringing strategy and whole brain thinking to creative campaigns and social media through his work. Please follow @mysylbert and connect on LinkedIn Join us on FB and Google+ as well.

(Original Post)

ContactsSo today I am talking about Day 3: Making 10 to 20  new contacts per day Monday through Friday

I first want to wish Steve Jobs  family my personal condolences and use his passing as an example for the reason to make new contacts daily and with whomever you want to.

I am currently writing a book regarding Social Media and how it is changing the business environment and the world. I wanted to have two interviews in the book and one of them was Steve Jobs. Unfortunately I personally will never get his innovative and creative opinion on how Social Media is changing the world.  This is my fault. Several months ago I thought about adding these interviews and I have been procrastinating trying to contact him. Now I might have never gotten the opportunity, but I did not even try.

What does this have to do with making 10 to 20 new contacts a day. Just to let you know that contacts can be anyone and your imagination is your only limitation as to who that contact may be.

There are several helpful resources in helping you make those 10 to 20 New contacts per day. 

1. LinkedIn

2. “Networking Like a Pro”  You can also purchase the book by Ivan Misner, David Alexander and Brian Hillard.

3. Networking Events. No matter where you are there are many Networking Events taking place. If you have trouble check out your local Chamber of Commerce or just google “Networking Events (put your city or neighborhood here)”

4. FB, Meetups, Twitter, Google+ (Hangouts)

OK so why do you need to make 10 to 20 new contacts per day? Just imagine that at the end of each week you have 50 to 100 new contacts and if you only get 1% of those to introduce you to your next client or become a client you end up having 1.5 new clients per week. So you can’t have 1/2 a client (although I have had some) so let’s say 1 or 2. At the end of  6 months you would have 12 to 24 new clients. Now it is up to you to determine the dollar value of that new client but you get the picture.

Some of you are saying that you have too many people to follow-up with so how do you make 10 to 20 new contacts per day. Well, let me tell you. I know we live in a busy world and some days you just can’t make 10 to 20 new contacts. So instead of not making the contacts at all, make it a weekly goal. Usually you can get 50 to 100 new contacts by attending 2 Network Events a week.

Hope that helps. There are several tools and companies that would also help you do this if you have the resources. But if you don’t, in this new technological world you can do it yourself and usually those contacts you make yourself will be more value than if you are paying a company to push leads to you.

So in order to live outside the “Comfort Zone” you have to do things a little differently than the rest of the Population. If it was easy and didn’t involve some work. Everyone would be doing it.


One last note: Make sure you contact anyone you think of. By trying to contact those you think are unreachable you may be surprised by your results.

{Be Sure to Visit Tomorrow for Day 4 “Follow Up”}


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