Day 4 Follow Up – 2013 revisited

So today a couple of crazy things happened. Apparently I published a blank blog that said “Day 4” Not sure how that happened. I did go to WP to start this blog but I didn’t hit publish so not sure what happened there. I’m blaming it on technology or as I tell my dad it probably was user error. I’ll tell you that story another time.

The second thing happened while I was asleep. I had an epiphany regarding this 30 day journey. I come from  a learning background so I should have realized this earlier. The only true way to accomplish this 30 day journey is to spend a week to 21 days on each task until it becomes a habit. So my recommendation is to take each of these tasks or suggestions and implement them one at a time for a period of time that allows you to add this to your routine. Then and only then will you be able to create the life style of living outside the comfort zone.

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Below is the original blog and this one is vital to any successful business strategy!

(Original Post)

Follow UpSo what do we mean when say “Follow Up”  The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines “follow-up” as:

1. to follow with something similar, related, or supplementary

2. to maintain contact with (a person) so as to monitor the effects of earlier activities or treatments

3. to pursue in an effort to take further action

Yesterday we talked about making 10 to 20 new connections per day Monday through Friday. Or at least making sure you are making 50 to 100 new connections per week. One last quote about connections.

Your mother taught you everything you need to know about connecting before you were 10 years old: Make friends, play nice, tell the truth, take a bath, do your homework. –Jeffrey Gitomer “Little Black Book of Connections”

So you’ve made all these new connections and now what do you do? Well the answer is “follow-up”. Here are a few ways you can follow-up.

  • Connect with them on Social Media (LinkedIn is the easiest way for business)
  • Follow up with a phone call to schedule a coffee or lunch
  • Follow up with an email saying how much you enjoyed meeting them.
  • Follow up with a text asking to meet for coffee or lunch
Will Corente has 5  Rules for Building Successful Connections. These are worth repeating here regarding follow-up.
  1. “It’s about each of you. Whether you are connecting with one person or a group of people, it is important to consider the needs and objectives of each person or party involved and to seek win-win solutions. Effective connecting at its core is about is about helping each other seize opportunities, entrepreneurs and business people are more apt to help you reach your goals if they know you will do the same.”
  2. “Follow-up Within 24 Hours – If you enjoyed making a connection or see potential for a relationship to develop, show the connection that meeting them was important to you by reaching out within 24 hours via phone, email or text. I find a simple note saying it was great to meet them, offering next steps of communication and an offer of to be of assistance if they need it is a great relationship builder.”
  3. “Once in Touch, Stay In Touch – Every successful relationship in your life is built over time and through multiple interactions and communications. Once you have made the initial connection it is imperative that you follow up, stay in touch and check-in to keep the lines of communication open. If you live or work close by, a brief coffee meeting is an excellent relationship builder with your connections.”
  4. “Be a Giver – People who excel at connecting give advice or assistance first and ask for assistance second. Offer your advice, counsel or assistance on a matter, offer an introduction to a friend or business associate who can help them as a way to show you care about their future success as much as your own.”
  5. Have a Long Term View – Great connectors know that the next great partnership, introduction or synergy could be just around the corner and that developing relationships with everyone they meet regardless of the immediate benefit is the key to long term success and relationship building. Some of my best connections and synergies have been 20 years in the making.
So it is important to be persistent. I can’t tell you how many times my persistence has paid off in landing a client or developing that business relationship that provides the next big step for my business. Also what do you do if you have not contacted them within 24 hours. Well 2 things:
  1. Start now with every new connection contacting them within 24 hours.
  2. Go ahead and start following up with past connections that you may have lost contact with. Even if it has been over a year. Remember you are starting fresh.
Whatever you do, don’t give up and think that they won’t be interested in hearing from you because it has been too long.  The majority of sales people fail because of poor follow-up. Whether you are building a business, a non-profit or just trying to make connections “Follow Up” is the most important aspect of next steps. (We’ll go into more detail on Next Steps in the following weeks)
Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way! You need to Lead with meeting people, Follow up with them quickly and consistently and Get Out of the Way of your success to live outside of the “Comfort Zone”
New Quote not in the original blog: Wake Up, Show Up, Follow Up or in other words Get off your Ass and Do something!!!
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