Day 13 Get Out There (revisited – 2013)

So in re-reading this post I found it interesting some of the things that have changed. “Candy Crush” has taken the place of “Farmville” and even Angry Birds has lost some of its appeal as other games rise up to take its place. In 2011 it was also a big push to get likes and followers on the multiple social media platforms. Today it is more about engagement of your followers or likes as they are real people and can become great referrals or qualified leads.

The point is still valid that you should not only connect online but “Get Out There” and meet people face to face. If you don’t believe me then check out MeetUp or the different digital summits around the world. Maybe at some future event we will meet face 2 face!

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(Original Post – Posted on October 19, 2011)

So in today’s world we wake up, go to our computer, put out fires, answer emails, engage with our social networks, play “Farmville” (or the game of your choice), write blogs, write content, make a few calls and then it’s time to go to bed and start all over again tomorrow.

On October 13th I received an email from Don Crowther which stated that he “…realized I originally met virtually EVERY person who has had a major impact on my business at a live event of some kind!”

My friend Cathy Cunningham Hankinson and I decided to meet at a Networking Event called LIQUID here in Atlanta. She made the statement “People would get a lot more business if they just got out there”

CrowdSo “Get Out There” and meet people. Now granted since I help others with social media I believe you can connect through social media, but you also need to “Get Out There” and rub elbows.

Last year I probably attended over 30 networking and live events. This year it has been closer to 6 or 7. I have noticed a sharp decline in my business opportunities as opposed to last year.

I made a conscious decision to be more focused and strategic with the events I attended this year (and I still believe in this strategic focus concerning the events you attend) but there has to be a happy medium between 7 and 30!

If you look at the platforms like Google+ and LinkedIn they are discussing and promoting live events all around the world that have specific goals of people in  technology or photography or other like interests meeting face to face.

With everything new we learn and adapt to make it the most productive it can be. Social Media is learning that it needs both the online community interaction and the face to face interaction to truly bring people together and create great ideas. Just look at TED.

So be strategic, be focused, and GET OFF THE CHAIR AND GET OUT THERE! It will make you feel more positive and help your business grow!

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One thought on “Day 13 Get Out There (revisited – 2013)

  1. Great pot 🙂 I think we all need to take advantage of all the opportunities we are presented. It may be nerve-wracking with a new experience, but the advantages could have such wonderful potential.


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