Day 14 Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog (revisited – 2013)

So on Day 14 I discovered that LIFE is what happens when you are planning and working. This alone is the beginning of a brand new blog, but for time sake I will write that blog another day. So yes for those of you keeping track I missed yesterday so today we are looking at Day 14.

Yahoo_3Several things have changed since the origination of this original blog. There are now numerous sites that allow you to host blogs and also to say it in video like Vine also Tumblr was just purchased by Yahoo and although thousands of bloggers are leaving Tumblr since the purchase it might be worth revisiting or hopping on board because you know that Cracked-Tumblr-LogoYahoo is going to put some money behind this to promote it. As usual there was no reciprocation or endorsement by Yahoo, or any others platform to mention the above.

So here we go on Blogging. It is important to say that this has been around for quite awhile, blogging that is. But it is never too late to start so what are you waiting for?

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Original Post – Posted on October 19, 2011

So if you are not blogging; why not?

If you have a business you should be blogging about the industry you are in and giving helpful information, that adds value.

What am I talking about? I hear you out there saying, shouldn’t I be selling my company on my blog? Well have you read a blog lately? Most of the good one’s give valuable information without asking for anything, and that is the way it is supposed to be. Yes you can mention your company but only in your bio at the end. Here’s why:

Home Depot was starting to lose sales to Lowe’s. They came up with a great idea. They decided to offer free workshops to the communities where they were and provided these workshops usually on the weekends. Amazingly enough most of the materials that they used in these workshops were also sold by them, but at the end of the workshop there wasn’t a “sales pitch”. They really didn’t care if you went somewhere else to purchase the materials needed. So what do you think happened? Well there sales went up because they became a trusted partner in the community.

That’s the reason. Here’s the how.

You can use a number of different free blogging tools here’s a couple.



Now there are a number of different free tools out there that tell you how to blog. Click on blog for a great site on “How Blogs Work”.

Your blog should be concise, short (as possible), and informative. But why should you blog and also why should you comment on other blogs.

Influence! When i write this blog it is networked and goes on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. I then post it on Google + and a few LinkedIn groups that I participate in.

If you only blog and post but don’t interact then your missing the point. There have been many ‘Blogs’ written about blogging, but you need to understand that as an individual or business you need to engage with your audience and others and a ‘Blog’ is an easy way to do this.

Social media is about interacting. In order for you to grow your online influence you need to make sure you are initiating dialogue with others. Not just for the sake of selling, but to truly provide helpful, insightful, and inspirational information to others.

Happy Blogging!


2 thoughts on “Day 14 Blog, Blog, Blog, Blog (revisited – 2013)

  1. A very helpful article, thank you. I have found it difficult to be short and concise and still revealing and authentic in my blogs – sometimes they are too long in an effort to get in everything. I will try to improve. Jeff Grant


    • Jeff thanks for commenting. I tell my clients to keep blogs 600 words or less. If you go past 800 look at doing a series. Since I’m reposting this 30 day journey I’ve broken my own rule of thumb a couple of times. Just keep blogging! Cheers


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