Day 15: Volunteer (revisited – 2013)

So with the recent Tornadoes in Oklahoma and Hurricane season on the horizon this is a very appropriate post about helping others. My parents both went to Oklahoma Baptist University in Shawnee, OK which was one of the cities that was hit by a tornado and sustained heavy damage. My brother and I went there briefly as well. It was interesting and fulfilling to hear about all the organizations that were heading to Oklahoma to help out from Georgia. (where I am based now). 

The point is that the people helping out from Georgia were volunteers. You could also volunteer by donating pet food, non-perishable items, clothing and money to this ravaged area. As we get into the summer there will probably be other opportunities to volunteer in response to a natural disaster, but you can also volunteer right where you live. The point is that volunteering has some benefits beyond the obvious. Take a look at my original post. It amazes me as I walk through this journey how relevant this 30 day journey is today 2 years later.

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(Original Post -Posted on October 21, 2011)

To Volunteer meaning:

To choose to act in recognition of a need, with an attitude of social responsibility and without concern for monetary profit, going beyond one’s basic obligations. – By the People: A History of Americans as Volunteers by

…from the perspective of the doer: Someone who gives time, effort and talent to a need or cause without profiting monetarily.

…from the perspective of the recipient of service: Someone who contributes time, effort and talent to meet a need or further a mission, without going on the payroll.

– Susan J. Ellis and Katherine H. Campbell

This is for the message: Not promoting the Bay Area Volunteer Center

volunteer-soup-kitchenThere are many ways for you to volunteer. You can provide help to a Soup Kitchen.

You can be a volunteer to help clean up at a beach.volunteer-beach

No matter what you decide to do you just need to get out there and volunteer!

This past Saturday, October 15th, I volunteered with a large group to help the community. There were over 2200 volunteers that did everything from cleaning up a few schools, repair houses for the elderly, Red Cross Blood Drive, Food drives and the list goes on to helping Single mom’s to having a Block party for a struggling community, and many more. The organization is 12Stone

So why should you volunteer? 20 Great Reasons to Volunteer from Volunteer Match:

  1. Help others
  2. Make a difference
  3. Find purpose
  4. Enjoy a meaningful conversation
  5. Connect with your community
  6. Feel involved
  7. Contribute to a cause that you care about
  8. Use your skills in a productive way
  9. Develop new skills
  10. Meet new people *
  11. Explore new areas of interest
  12. Meet good people
  13. Impress your mom
  14. Impress yourself
  15. Expand your horizons
  16. Get out of the house
  17. Make new friend
  18. Strengthen your resume
  19. Feel better about yourself
  20. Meet influential people *
*So number 10 can help you make 10 to 20 new contacts per day

*Number 20 I added, there’s was “Your favorite reason here”.

Meeting influential people can help you with your business by gaining new prospects or being connected to someone else who may need your services. (but make sure you are volunteering and not looking for new business – remember the definitions at the beginning of this blog).

Volunteering is a selfless act. This should always be your first thought when volunteering. If you are just looking for new business then you won’t be asked to volunteer again and your business will suffer.

So one last reason to Volunteer!

So Happy Volunteering!

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