Day 16: Rest (2013 – revisited)

So I began this journey (again) a little over 16 days ago. And has been the case as I revisit this daily journey from 2 years ago, it falls on an appropriate day. Friday and with the long Memorial Day Weekend coming up it couldn’t be more perfect than to briefly discuss “Rest”.

Millions of US Citizens either already are traveling, or getting ready to head out for the beach, lake, mountains, cookouts, parades and parents and grandparents houses to spend a long weekend of celebration and hopefully rest. I still try to follow this routine of 1 day of Rest and though it does not always happen my body and brain are very thankful when I do.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!

Looking out on the ocean from Manly, Australia

Looking out on the ocean from Manly, Australia

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(Original Post -Posted on October 21, 2011)

So today is Friday but I am blogging about Day 16 which was on October 16.

If you are new or just discovering this blog,  I embarked on a 30 day  journey to continue living life outside the comfort zone. And to take myself and business to the next level. Life

October 1st, 2011 I began by Getting Organized. You can follow this journey by checking out Social Media  Solutions on Facebook. I am logging every day’s activity, or revelation in real-time on this page.

I am only blogging Monday thru Friday and resting on the weekends. If you know me you know that sometimes I rest and sometimes I work. It all depends on my mood but I do carve out time on the weekend to; Rest, Have Quiet Time, Contemplate and Worship.

No matter what you believe, you need to believe in something bigger than yourself. Remember the words of Steve Jobs:

Live each day like it was your last….Stay Hungry and be Foolish!      – Steve Jobs

And remember to take one day and rest, I pick weekends and most of the time, Sunday!

Have a great weekend!

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