Who helps you begin your own journey? Yes you can read as many inspirational and motivational blogs your heart desires, spend 1000’s of dollars on motivating seminars and 1000’s more on programs and books that talk about ways to help you move ahead, live a more fulfilling life, make money beyond your wildest dreams, change the world, change your world, but in the end there is only ONE person that  can change your life! Why Complicate Life

So we talk about Networking as a way to meet the people we need to meet in order to change our lives. You have heard it said, that the more people you help get what they want in life then you will get what you want in life. Or as Richard Branson has said “Screw It, Let’s Do It”. But where does it all start? Who begins it? What do you need in order to make that one change that will make a difference in your life and others and allow you to “Live Outside the Comfort Zone”?

You can work with others, connect with others, help others but it all begins with One. YOU! One person can make a difference in the world, in the country, in the community, and in your life. But the only person that can make a major difference in your life is –


Remember One Person Can Make A Difference…And You Can Make A Difference if you just Try!

Who We Are

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Les Adkins CEO and Founder Orange SMS, Serial Entrepreneur, Adventurer, and co-founder APocket (coming to your mobile device soon)  #LikeAPocketonFB #ChangeTheWorld

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