Day 24 Whole Brain Approach (revisited 2013)

So I almost didn’t get this one in today. Well technically I didn’t but give me a break. This has been one of the craziest, wonderful, greatest weeks of my life so far. A lot has happened and it just keeps coming. You will have to stay tuned to my blog to know what happens next but I digress.

The Whole Brain Approach is what makes my agency unique – yeah I’m going to tout my horn just a little. You’ve been with me for 24 days so please indulge me. You might just learn something. This approach allows you to understand other’s thinking preferences. Why is that important? It is how every individual in the world makes decisions. This decision making process is governed by their thinking preference.

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(Original Post -Posted on November 3, 2011)

So I am behind on my blog  due to computer issues. You gotta love Technology. (Well I actually do love technology) But as I always say there is only one constant that is guaranteed with technology.

It will eventually go down

OK enough with the whining. Day 24: Whole Brain Approach! What does that actually mean? I mean we all know about the Left Brain Right Brain.

Left Brain-Right Brain EinsteinThis was Einstein’s take on the left brain right brain phenomena. Left brain is the serious side and right brain the wild and crazy side. But there is sooooo much more. A gentleman by the name of Ned Herrmann worked for a little company called GE where he used one of the GE inventions to create the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument, HBDI. Which I personally use, or try to use, in every presentation and discussion. Why should you care?

Well Ann Herrmann, who is Ned Herrmann’s Daughter and now CEO of Herrmann International (and a good friend of mine) and I have had several conversations lately about the next steps for the Whole Brain Approach. It was used in creating the game Kinect Adventures for Xbox 360.

Again why should you care? Because it allows you to reach your entire audience when you are trying to be persuasive.

Now what makes this different from DISC or Meyers Briggs or the many other personality tests that are out there? It is not a personality test. It actually measures your “Thinking Preferences”. With the other tests you can take them and a month later take them again and get different results. With HBDI you take the assessment and if you take it 10 years from now you will have a very close if not exactly similar result. Unless you have a major traumatic experience in your life, i.e. divorce, death of a loved one, or have a child….

So that’s the history. I have been in sales and leadership for over 25 years and after discovering the “Whole Brain Approach” I use it almost every day. It allows me to reach my entire audience whether I’m giving a presentation or keynote speech, talking to a group of people, trying to persuade them to buy my services or become a partner, and even in casual conversations.

I know my own “Thinking Preference” and if I just spoke or addressed others in the way I think, I would not reach a third of my audience. You probably never thought about the way you think and how it affects what you say and do and how you relate to others. But if you take the time to think about it you realize that not everyone thinks like you, and no they are not STUPID, they just have a different thinking preference than you!

Whole Brain Approach

(red is  a little fuzzy so I’ll help you out: INTERPERSONAL, FEELING BASED, KINESTHETIC and EMOTIONAL)

So now that you know. You might start seeing the world differently. Realizing that your spouse may have a different thinking preference, your employees, and the most important one: Your Audience for your product or services.

The next time you come across someone who thinks differently than you do, don’t try to persuade them with more information on how you would be persuaded but present the subject in a “Whole Brain Approach”.

If you would like to know what your thinking preference is or want more information on this subject please email me @ or call 770.656.0399

Have a very Whole Brain Day!

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