When Technology Fails Us

technologyGood afternoon. So I had planned on writing a blog post about Influence in particular Digital Influence, Why You Need It, How To Get It and How To Keep It. But Murphy’s Law got the best of me. After my latest blog How To Win I finished it up and then discovered that my keyboard on my laptop, Dell Inspirion (just in case they are reading this), completely stopped working. The digital screen (since it is a touch screen) keyboard worked fine but the actual laptop keyboard, just kaput!

So I know I should be more Zen about this but it just annoyed me and the easiest thing to do would have been nothing. But since I just wrote an article on Winning two days in a row I decided to put this blog together to help out those who may be having a not so great day!

When technology fails us, we have become so dependent that we sometimes say, “Oh Well, can’t do anything anyway so might as well take the day off” and to be honest after taking my laptop to the Geek Squad and finding out they would need to keep it for a couple of days that was my first thought. So don’t beat yourself up. Even we entrepreneur’s have our bad days.

But then after running a few errands, sitting at home watching TV and eating lunch I had a choice, take a nap (very tempting), or write a blog post on one of the other computers I own. BTW I happen to be on my Apple MacBook Air right now. Don’t use that often but looks like I will over the next couple of days. Several things came to mind when I was making that decision

  1. If I don’t write a post it won’t kill anyone because I don’t have that big of a following yet.
  2. My friend Doug Grady talks about “just do it anyway” in his book “The Ripple Effect”(no I don’t get anything for plugging his book and it is a pretty good and easy read) The point I was making is he would never know that I took a nap instead of writing this blog post.
  3. My family would tell me it’s ok, because I have been working hard and need to rest.
  4. I shouldn’t feel too bad, I’m in good company considering the computer glitch today that effected United, Wall Street, and the NYSE.

I can go on with the excuses but alas I wrote a blog about that too quite some time ago and did not live up to it. Check it out it’s pretty good if I do say so myself- maybe it will give you inspiration Are You Too Busy to Blog

The point being is that when Technology Fails Us it should not cause us to freeze. You should always have a Plan B. I remember years ago when I worked for YP. (Don’t let them fool you they were slow to get into the technology age – they’ve made up for lost time.) The two computers that we had, maybe three went down. And the owner said, as I remember, “have the sales team grab a pencil and continue selling”. This was kind of crazy but I get it now. At the time it just annoyed me. Unrealistic, maybe, but it was still a plan B.

So to end this blog, until tomorrow, I will leave you with this quote.

The true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching – John Wooden

LA_ retouch glasses

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