LifeSo awhile ago I promised a blog a week. That didn’t come to pass. So what happened?

LIFE Happened! Sometimes our lives are messy and confusion sets in and we get overwhelmed. My buddy Doug Grady has a quote in his book “The Ripple Effect” from his dad and it goes like this!

Do it anyway

by Rev. Donald E. Grady Sr.

This quote comes in handy when I feel tired or overwhelmed. I am not a Life Coach. There are way too many of those out there some good and some bad. But the other day a friend who just started her business was telling me all the things that she needed to do and then ended the statement “that it was just so hard”. I had my classic come back. “If it was easy everyone would do it.”

So sometimes LIFE Happens. And sometimes you get behind and sometimes discouraged but all the time there is the one difference for those who seem to make it. They get up. They get centered. And they see the goal in front of them.

It’s not about how fast you get there it’s about getting there. And that my friends is the moral of the day. When Life Happens, and it seems too hard or too confusing to go on. Remember a couple of things. “Do It Anyway” and it doesn’t matter when you get up, all that matters is that you get up and get moving!

So for those of you where life is happening in a not so favorable way remember that the ones that make it are the ones that keep going. It is easy to give up and not get out of bed or just to do a half ass job roaming through the world. This is for the “Crazy Ones” the ones who know deep down they can #Changetheworld and believe it and better yet do it. Screw the statement it’s not about the end but the journey, it’s about both.

So for me I am going to make it to the end! Better than when I started and then and only then will I begin a new journey.

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