Halloween PumpkinsSo what does Halloween have to do with Social Media? First off Happy Halloween, I hope you have a Ghoulish Hallows Eve for those of you who love Halloween. These days I just can’t seem to find the time to celebrate a good old fashion Halloween other than staying at home and handing out candy for the trick or treaters. But rather than talk about my lack of time for celebration let’s discuss

What’s behind the mask?

Halloween Mask

So on Halloween we wear masks but what about the other 364 days of the year? Corporations through out history have notoriously hidden things from the public they didn’t want you the public to see. Also many individuals are under the delusion that they wear a mask at work and this is not their true identity.

Some of you right now are shaking your heads in agreement or some of you are even relating to the second point of wearing a mask at work. Well I have one thing to say and some of you aren’t going to like it.


The mask has been and is even more so now a myth. So it is time to unmask the myth. In the new digital world of social media companies and organizations find it hard to hide what they are take-off-mask-2doing from the public. Don’t believe me, just ask Planned Parenthood or go have coffee with Snowden. Get the point?

As for individuals you are who you are. You are not two different people. You use the same decision making process at work that you do at home. You react at work to things the same way you do at home. You create, manage and work the same way you do these things in life with family and friends. What Social Media has done is just brought light to a myth that has been perpetuated by a 100 year old culture that no longer is relevant in doing business, doing life or functioning as a society or individual.

There are many companies starting to dive whole heartedly into Social Media, Digital Strategy and re-branding. They need to look at all of these things from a different view point. They need to be transparent and take off the masks before they begin the process.

In the new Digital World the masks are off and now it is time to see who the real winners and losers are both in business and as human beings.

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