So What’s Your Business New Years Resolution?

2016So everyone is back at work and if your like me you are hopping back aboard the Rocket. This year a lot of exciting things are happening with Orange SMS, APocket and my speaking career. 2016 looks to be an exciting and prosperous year. So normally I have planned out a list of goals and written them down by now but Chris Brogan helped me out this year and wrote an article titled My Three Words for 2016. So I came up with three words of my own this year and will from this year forward use three words.

So my three words are Do, Finish and Explode!

Do – more and talk less. Do the things that I have been talking about for the last several years. Be more of a doer and less of a talker.

Finish – more projects that have been on the drawing board. Things like launch my new Orange-SMS website, launch APocket to the world, and finish the book that I have been writing slowly over the last 4 years.  I heard a great quote one time that stated

It’s not how you start but how you finish that is important

I want to finish more things than I start this year. And if I do start something new I want to finish it before the end of the year!

Explode – I want to Explode the current Networking market and completely change it with APocket. I want to Explode my finances and personal life to a point that I don’t even recognize it, in a good way. And finally I want to Explode onto the world to help others both quietly and publicly. Oh and Explode certain ideas relating to my industry. I mean completely “blow them up”.

Pretty high ideals right? How about you? What are you going to do for 2016? I leave you with these words –

For what it’s worth it’s never too late, or in my case too early to be whoever you want to be. There’s no time limit, start whenever you want. You can change or stay the same. There are no rules to this thing. We can make the best or the worst of it. I hope you make the best of it. And I hope you see things that startle you. I hope you feel things you’ve never felt before. I hope you meet people with a different point of view. Hope you live a life you’re proud of. And if you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again. ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’

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Halloween and Social Media – What’s behind the mask?

Halloween PumpkinsSo what does Halloween have to do with Social Media? First off Happy Halloween, I hope you have a Ghoulish Hallows Eve for those of you who love Halloween. These days I just can’t seem to find the time to celebrate a good old fashion Halloween other than staying at home and handing out candy for the trick or treaters. But rather than talk about my lack of time for celebration let’s discuss

What’s behind the mask?

Halloween Mask

So on Halloween we wear masks but what about the other 364 days of the year? Corporations through out history have notoriously hidden things from the public they didn’t want you the public to see. Also many individuals are under the delusion that they wear a mask at work and this is not their true identity.

Some of you right now are shaking your heads in agreement or some of you are even relating to the second point of wearing a mask at work. Well I have one thing to say and some of you aren’t going to like it.


The mask has been and is even more so now a myth. So it is time to unmask the myth. In the new digital world of social media companies and organizations find it hard to hide what they are take-off-mask-2doing from the public. Don’t believe me, just ask Planned Parenthood or go have coffee with Snowden. Get the point?

As for individuals you are who you are. You are not two different people. You use the same decision making process at work that you do at home. You react at work to things the same way you do at home. You create, manage and work the same way you do these things in life with family and friends. What Social Media has done is just brought light to a myth that has been perpetuated by a 100 year old culture that no longer is relevant in doing business, doing life or functioning as a society or individual.

There are many companies starting to dive whole heartedly into Social Media, Digital Strategy and re-branding. They need to look at all of these things from a different view point. They need to be transparent and take off the masks before they begin the process.

In the new Digital World the masks are off and now it is time to see who the real winners and losers are both in business and as human beings.

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So Once Again Why Social Media?- Think Outside the Box

I recently was going through some of my old boxes and papers.

Wright Brothers

Why Social Media? You think by now businesses and organizations would realize that this is the way of the future. A way to connect with prospects, customers, employees, volunteers, investors and so on. But lately it seems that businesses are reverting back to the old ways of marketing and prospecting and calling it social media. And some big names are claiming to know the right way to use social media which is disguised as the old marketing, recruiting and communication methods of the past or telling you Social Media doesn’t work in business. Just because you are a big name and lead a large corporation and well established does not mean you know the future. Your kids may be the smartest people in the room.

So I found a piece with an unknown author that I thought I would share with you. The Title is: “Think Outside Of the Box”; these are a little outdated and old but hopefully you will start getting the idea…

“Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1.5 tons.” Popular Mechanics, Bill Gatesforecasting the relentless march of science, 1949.

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943.

“But what…is it good for?” Engineer at the Advanced Computing Systems Division of IBM, 1968, commenting on the microchip.

“There is no reason anyone would want a computer in their home.” Ken Olson, president, chairman and founder of Digital Equipment Corp., 1977.

“This ‘telephone’ has too many shortcomings alexander-graham-bellto be seriously considered as a means of communication. This device is inherently of no value to us.” Western Union internal memo, 1876 

“The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular?” David Sarnoff’s associates in response to his urgings for investment in the radio in the 1920’s.

“The concept is interesting and well-informed, but in order to earn better than a ‘C’; the idea must be feasible.” A Yale University management professor in response to Fred Smith’s paper proposing reliable overnight delivery service. (Smith went on to found Federal Express Corp.)

“Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?” H.M. Warner, Warner Brothers, 1927.

“I’m just glad it’ll be Clark Gable who’s falling on his face and not Gary Cooper.” Gary Cooper on his decision not to take the leading role in “Gone With The Wind”.

Mrs Fields Cookies“A cookie store is a bad idea. Besides the market research reports say America likes crispy cookies, not soft and chewy cookies like you make.” Response to Debbi Fields’ idea of starting Mrs. Fields Cookies.

So hang in there with me I really want to make this point. Sorry for the lengthy read

“We don’t like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out.” Decca Recording Co. The Beatlesrejecting the Beatles, 1962

“Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.” Lord Kelvin, president, Royal Society, 1895

“If I had thought about it, I wouldn’t have done the experiment. The literature was full of examples that said you can’t do this.” Spencer Silver on the work that led to the unique adhesive for 3M ” Post It” Notepads.

“So we went to Atari and said, ‘Hey we got this amazing thing, even built with some of your parts, and what do you think about Young Steve Jobsfunding us? Or we’ll give it to you. We just want to do it. Pay our salary, we’ll come work for you.’ And they said ‘No.’ So then we went to Hewlett-Packard, and they said, ‘Hey we don’t need you. You haven’t got through college yet.'” Apple Computer Inc. founder Steve Jobs on attempts to get Atari and HP interested in his and Steve Wozniak’s personal computer.

We are almost done just a few more.

“Drill for oil? You mean drill in the ground to try and find oil? You’re crazy.” Drillers who Edwin L. Drake tried to enlist to his project to drill for oil in 1859.

“Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value.” Marechal Ferdinand Foch, Professor of Strategy, Ecole Superieure deGuerre. French Military

“Everything that can be invented has been invented.” Charles H. Duell, Commissioner, inventionUS Office of Patents, 1899

“Louis Pasteur’s theory of germs is ridiculous fiction.” Pierre Pachet, Professor of Physiology at Toulouse, 1872

“640K ought to be enough for anybody.” Bill Gates, 1981

So thanks for hanging in there. The next time you hear someone say Social Media doesn’t work, or it is not for business, or it’s just a fad, remember the quotes above and smile. Go along your way and move forward because maybe they will end up being quoted in the next generation of “Think Outside the Box”

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Creating a Community that Works!

How is your Network doing? Do you have leverage – meaning:

Power or ability to act or Influence people, events, decisions, etc.; sway

Other people have the answers, deals, money, access, power, and influence you need to get what you want in this world. To achieve any goal, you need other people to help you do it.— JUDY ROBINETT

Judy Robinett is the author of “Power Connector” and no, once again, I get no compensation forPower Connector - Judy Robinett recommending her book. Although it is a great read and incredible method for building a Power Network.

Robinett has based her methods on solid research proving that social groups begin to break up when they become larger than 150 people, and that 50 members is the optimal size for group communication.

Alright so above is the evidence. So why am I telling you this? Because we are getting ready to launch an app called APocket that will be a free download to help you build and deepen your top 50 business or personal relationships. The new app will be a mash between Candy Crush and LinkedIn. A fun way to build and deepen your relationships.

The point of any network should be that it works for you not against you. In this regard we are designing the app to measure influence and encourage activity between you and your network and more importantly encourage your network to be active with you! Creating a 24/7 platform to build and strengthen relationships either business or personal. So you receive more money, more influence, and more leverage so that your network is a benefit to you not a burden.

APocket APP™ ACommunity

APocket APP™ ACommunity

We are currently in our Alpha test of the iOS version and soon will be testing the Android version. If you would like to be one of the first to be invited (as we will begin by invite only) go to our FB page and like us and also help us out by using the hashtag #LikeAPocketonFB in your tweets and posts.

Thanks and until next week, have a great  and restful weekend!

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Own It!

Just sitting here in a hotel room somewhere in America and thinking about the last several months. They’ve been hard and challenging for both my personal life and business. Although I never did think about giving up I did think about going on a long vacation. And then I had what some would call an epiphany.

0006t (1)It’s been awhile since I completed my last Tough Mudder, but it was a similar feeling. The feeling that all my challenges, problems and worries are within my control. And as I look back on my life I realized I had accomplished so many things and the things I haven’t completed yet is no one else’s fault but my own. So I decided to “OWN IT”

Own everything, from my daily work activity, to how I feel, to what I do, to what I think. I have taught people this in trainings and given talks on this subject but I truly know it is not an easy thing to do. Life gets in the way. Or in other words


So let’s get started. First things first- What do you need to Own? My list is below in no specific order. Feel free to share yours.

  • Development of Business Opportunities
  • Personal Life
  • Finish that D*$@ Book
  • Relaunch my Website (Orange SMS)
  • Launch APocket
  • Network, Network, Network
  • Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

So let’s do this! For all the crazy ones, the dreamers, the change makers! Let’s be the guiding force of our own lives. Drive for a change and quit letting others drive you!

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Les Adkins CEO and Founder Orange SMS, Serial Entrepreneur, Adventurer, and co-founder APocket (coming to your mobile device soon)  #LikeAPocketonFB #ChangeTheWorld

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When Life Happens!

LifeSo awhile ago I promised a blog a week. That didn’t come to pass. So what happened?

LIFE Happened! Sometimes our lives are messy and confusion sets in and we get overwhelmed. My buddy Doug Grady has a quote in his book “The Ripple Effect” from his dad and it goes like this!

Do it anyway

by Rev. Donald E. Grady Sr.

This quote comes in handy when I feel tired or overwhelmed. I am not a Life Coach. There are way too many of those out there some good and some bad. But the other day a friend who just started her business was telling me all the things that she needed to do and then ended the statement “that it was just so hard”. I had my classic come back. “If it was easy everyone would do it.”

So sometimes LIFE Happens. And sometimes you get behind and sometimes discouraged but all the time there is the one difference for those who seem to make it. They get up. They get centered. And they see the goal in front of them.

It’s not about how fast you get there it’s about getting there. And that my friends is the moral of the day. When Life Happens, and it seems too hard or too confusing to go on. Remember a couple of things. “Do It Anyway” and it doesn’t matter when you get up, all that matters is that you get up and get moving!

So for those of you where life is happening in a not so favorable way remember that the ones that make it are the ones that keep going. It is easy to give up and not get out of bed or just to do a half ass job roaming through the world. This is for the “Crazy Ones” the ones who know deep down they can #Changetheworld and believe it and better yet do it. Screw the statement it’s not about the end but the journey, it’s about both.

So for me I am going to make it to the end! Better than when I started and then and only then will I begin a new journey.

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Les Adkins CEO and Founder Orange SMS, Serial Entrepreneur, Adventurer, and co-founder APocket (coming to your mobile device soon)  #LikeAPocketonFB #ChangeTheWorld

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Do You Have Reciprocity with your Network?

So Do You? Have reciprocity with your network? And what is reciprocity? Well reciprocity is one of Dr. Robert Cialdini’s 6 principles of Influence. Douglas T. Kendrick Ph.D writes a great article that explains the 6 principles of influence but I want to talk about Reciprocity today.

As humans, we generally aim to return favors, pay back debts, and treat others as they treat us.-

teamwork_GJrIPyPu (2)

So why do we need to understand this principle when it comes to our Network. Well lot’s of times we look at the people in our network for what they can do for us. I’m not knocking that, but to have a truly powerful network you have to work as a team or community.

So I actually had someone tell me the other day that in order for them to get business they have to have a specific occupational person in their network but that person wouldn’t want them in their network. So I thought about this. I thought about this for awhile. Finally I thought really. So you become subservient to this person just hoping that they throw you a bone and you have nothing of value that you see that they would be interested in having you in their network. Confusing, right? I thought so.

This is what it means to have a truly successful network. The people in your network not only add value to your life and business but you must add value to theirs also or the relationship will not last. It needs to be reciprocal or it doesn’t work, or at least for long.

So when you are looking at someone to bring into your network you need to truly evaluate them and they you. You need to both make sure that you are going to add value to one another through what you bring to the table. Whether that be an expertise that they don’t have, a connection or connections of people that you don’t have or any number of things that would add value to both your lives.

So the best way to bring this home is to give you that classic example of when your girlfriend or wife tells you that you just don’t bring the same energy to the relationship that they do. Ever heard that? Hopefully not. But with others they won’t tell you that they will just quietly go away and you’ll wonder why they don’t return your calls anymore.

Reciprocity some times get’s a bad wrap. You do something for me and I will do something for you. If this has to be forced then this person should probably not be in your network because it is not good for either of you.

So when building any type of lasting network figure out two things. Can you be of value to them, and can they be of value to you? If yes put them in your network and work at the relationship. If no then maybe you should move on.

If you have time take a look at Dr. Robert Cialdini himself explaining the 6 principles of Influence

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